Munck Monobeam cranes

Munck Monobeam cranes are the most widely used crane configurations supplied by Munck. The low headroom monorail trolley mounted on the single girder construction offers a compact design which will maximize lifting height in a crane that is both economical and reliable. Other advantages of the Munck Monobeam cranes are:

  • Standard components that can be incorporated in custom applications
  • State of the art crane design technology and modern fabrication techniques result in a product that achieves high quality in all applications.
  • All motors are specified for crane and hoist duty with sizing and selection offering smooth operation
  • Some of the available options that can be added to the standard monobeam crane include:
    • Frequency drives for all motions
    • Radio remote control
    • Overload limiters for hoisting units
    • Travel limits for all motions
    • Electronic weighing systems an
    • (SWP) recording units

Contact your local Munck representative to discuss how a Munck Monobeam Crane System can be custom tailored for your application at competitive prices.